Giana is a 9 year old Filipina Mexican American artist with the a sense of self and style all her own. Her cool confidence and ease is apparent in when she welcomes you to discuss her art work, describes her style, and in each of her Instagram photos. With the support of her parents, Giana's love for fashion and art developed at an early age. "I began at 5 years old, drawing stick people, cartons, and thought, 'why can't my drawings look like a real person?'" explains the fashion artist. She dove into her mother's fashion magazines and created her first fashion art at 5 years old. Then her mom posted the art on Instagram and it took off!

Her first solo art show was held in Seattle, WA when Giana was 7 years old. It was followed by pop ups in Los Angeles and New York City. Giana's signature art style is a fashion photograph (editorial or advertisement) cut down the middle-- the art piece containing half the original photo and half completed in her illustration style. Using different art materials, her favorites being watercolor, markers, and crayons, give each piece texture and detail. "Crayons can make a fluffy look," Giana described. 




With a keen sense of style, this young fashion enthusiast is a pro when it comes to dressing. Her street wear style and accessories are always on point and all about comfort. She brings originality daily and is the future of fashion. Giana's favorite designers, brands, and influences include Yohji Yamamoto, Virgil Abloh, Nike, Iris Apfel, and KAWS. 

Like her style, Giana's art continues to grow, develop, and evolve. Her creativity flourishes with each piece created, and she is thinking beyond fashion art illustrations. She has a very exciting collaboration coming in October.  And she recently started crocheting and begins sewing classes soon. With dreams of starting her own fashion line, Giana has a lot coming up! And we can't wait to see more.


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Jeannine Roson