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Photo by  AJ Ragasa

Photo by AJ Ragasa

A Seattle native who began singing in his Filipino church, Travis Atreo knew he wanted to pursue a career in music when he started the band New Heights at 18 years old. After a few years, the artist and producer’s love and passion for music lead him to Los Angeles to produce, engineer, record, and perform. With a musical style of overlapping genres (pop, r & b, ballads, and more) his soothing sound and acoustic songs are his signature style. Travis has a collection of covers he posts weekly on YouTube as well as original songs, and a Spring 2019 tour coming!

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Where are you based?
I grew up in Seattle, WA but I now live in LA, CA.

When did you begin singing/performing? And when did you realize music was something you wanted to pursue?
I started singing when I was 15 yrs old for my church. I grew up in a Filipino church where everyone sang and played instruments so it allowed me to learn and grow and give me the basic foundation for my musicality. I realized that I wanted to pursue music as a career when I was 18 yrs old and I started the band New Heights. That was the first time I had believed that music could be a career.

What is your musical style?
Pop, r&b, ballads, piano pop, Top 40... it encompasses a lot but now a days everyone has a wide pallet of music and we’re seeing so many artists crossing genres and trying new things and the market honoring and accepting that.

Who are your musical influences?
Ryan Tedder (One Republic), John Legend, Bruno Mars, John Mayer, Taylor Swift, Michael Bublè, there’s too many to count but as for my influences that inspires me most today that covers most of it.

Photo by  David Jy Park

Photo by David Jy Park

What has been instrumental in your personal and creative growth?
Committing to recording, producing making the video for a cover every week has been the hands down most growing thing for me personally and even my career. I’ve learned so much more about who I am and want to say as an artist, my music production and engineering skills have grown, and even personally I’ve learned that one song doesn’t create a career for an artist but a portfolio. It’s changed my entire vision for my career yet also has created the career I never realized I wanted this entire time.

How do you convey your personal style in your work?
I’ve always loved acoustic, unplugged versions of fully produced pop songs. I love hearing my favorite artists sing their bits with just a piano or acoustic guitar accompanying. When I decided to start posting weekly covers that’s what I wanted to do. Slowly but surely it went from “I think this is a cool spin on this song” into “this is my brand and sound” and I’m happier than ever about it. 

Do you have any favorite songs you enjoy performing?
I love performing my original songs “Mercy” and “Somehow”. Both because I love to sing big notes and I love emotional type pop ballads where I can sing the words and truly feel them no matter how many times I’ve played them. Those two songs were written about personal times too so they mean a lot when I get the chance to play them live.

What has been your favorite music venue/city to perform?
My favorite so far has been playing my hometown of Seattle, WA. I played a club called Barboza and it was such a blast seeing a lot of old friends, my parents, family members even came out. Not only that but it was great to play a smaller club with a great sound system. I love playing intimate spaces, it’s such a better dynamic that allows me to really connect with the audience.

Photo by  Steven Lam

Photo by Steven Lam

What's on your current playlist?
Tequila by Dan + Shay, Ruin My Life by Zara Larson, Bloom by Troye Sivan, Skywalker by Miguel, Patient by Charlie Puth, Slow Dance by John Legend, and many more but that’s what I’ve recently listened to.

How has the Filipino American community come out and supported you?
They are my life blood. They are the reason I have a career. The Filipino community is the most supportive demographic and I’m so thankful. I’ve always been encouraged when I see someone like me doing things I wish I could do. I’m hoping to continue to do that and inspire Filipinos and other Asian/Asian-American aspiring artists that they too can be full time artists.

Do you have any upcoming concerts and events you are excited about?
I’m currently writing my next project at the moment and plan to be touring Spring of 2019 here in the States but also in Asia and Europe. Make sure to follow me on social media for all the tour dates!

Photos courtesy of Travis Atreo and credited to their photographer. Profile photo on main page by AJ Ragasa.

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